Flexibility Vs. Stretching

Flexibility Vs. Stretching

Flexibility means having the freedom to move. It is a major part of everything you do.

By following a specific routine geared to your physical make-up, stretching dramatically improves flexibility.

This added mobility is critical because even the easiest tasks require movement: rising out of bed in the morning, stepping into the tub or shower, reaching into a cupboard/closet, leaning over and tying your shoes, lifting a baby out of a crib, getting something from a car trunk, working at a job, climbing up the stairs, and exercising safely and effectively.

As a result, stretching can be considered even more important than exercising. However, stretching coupled with exercise is the key to lifelong health and well-being.

For best results, apply MuscleCare before and after stretching to loosen muscles/joints, relieve pain, and avoid injury!

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