Back Pain During Pregnancy: SAFE At-Home Remedies

Back Pain During Pregnancy: SAFE At-Home Remedies

Back pain during pregnancy, also known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP), is one of the most common inconveniences you may experience during your nine-month journey.

The pain not only affects your lower back, but also your hips and pubic bone. Your center of gravity completely shifts once you start carrying a watermelon in your uterus.

Here are some ways you can relieve your pain SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

Practice Good Posture

The bigger and bigger your belly gets, the more unbalanced you will feel. Try to even it out and protect your spine by standing up straight with your shoulders back and relaxed.

It's important to practice good posture both when you're sitting and standing. If you're sitting at a desk, put a pillow on the chair to support your lower back.


Wear the Right Shoes

There's nothing more important than the proper support to prevent back pain, especially with all of that extra weight. Remember, your shoes aren't just carrying you anymore - they're carrying your baby, too!

If possible, avoid high-heels, but also flat soles. Your feet may also swell during your pregnancy, so supportive shoes with a little bit of stretch are the perfect go-to pregnancy shoes.


Apply MuscleCare

When you are pregnant, you want to avoid any pain-relief products with drugs or harsh chemicals.

Luckily, MuscleCare is made of all-natural ingredients, and outperforms the leading topical brands.

Not only is MuscleCare safe, but it's also effective, and can relieve pain within minutes!

We wanted to put our formula to the test! Motherisk/The University of Toronto conducted a study to test the effectiveness and safety of MuscleCare when used by women to relieve pain during pregnancy.

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Exercise Daily

Following a consistent, light exercise routine can help to keep your back strong enough to support your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. 

Some pregnancy-safe exercises include stretching, walking, or swimming.

Here is a great stretching video to relieve pregnancy back pain.


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