How to Relieve Neck Pain and Headaches At Home

How to Relieve Neck Pain and Headaches At Home

We at MuscleCare want to be consistently teaching you more about common pain syndromes, showing you how to relieve them, and providing you resources.

Today, we are focusing on neck pain and headaches, the #4 global disability. It affects over 60% of the population!

Most headaches and migraines either come from the neck, shoulder nerves, or muscles (these muscles play a big part in the pain).

The best way to manage, reduce, and beat headache and neck pain is:

1. Stretch every morning and evening for best results (Migraine/Headache Stretch Routine - FREE DOWNLOAD)

2. Avoid looking down at phones and laptops. Keep screens at eye level for a neutral neck/spine.

3. Apply MuscleCare on the neck and shoulders 4-6 times a day. Apply in the morning to prevent headaches, and apply before bed to relieve pain after a long day (User Protocols - FREE DOWNLOAD)

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