What to Pack for a Family Outing in 2020

What to Pack for a Family Outing in 2020

This year has thrown us some virus-shaped curveballs, and because of this, your usual beach bag or hiking backpack essentials aren’t going to cut it when it comes to staying safe and keeping the fun lasting all day long. 

Whether you’re going to the beach, the park, or even a hiking trail, here are some ideas on what you should pack to keep your family healthy and happy.


Hand Sanitizer

If you weren’t already packing hand sanitizer before, this is an ESSENTIAL now. If you’re planning on having any sort of snack during your time out or in case you accidentally touch your face, you’re going to need clean hands more than ever.  

This is especially important if you have little ones because they may not be as self-aware when it comes to touching as few surfaces as possible.


Face Masks

Even if you’re going into nature away from other humans, you may find yourself in a more congested area on your walk back. You also may want to pop into a restaurant or store to pick something up. Wearing a face mask not only protects you, but it also protects everyone around you to help stop the potential spread of COVID-19.


Summer is here, and the UV rays are out to play (and burn)! Protect your skin from sun damage and skin cancer by lathering up in some trusty SPF. 

There’s nothing worse than walking around with a red nose and painful, itchy skin, so take the five minutes to prevent all of that, and don’t forget to reapply a few hours later! Pack it in your bag in case someone else in your group needs it.



Imagine this… you finally leave your house to enjoy a nice day in the park with your family when all of a sudden, your knee starts acting up five minutes into your walk, or your husband’s back starts to prevent him from being able to throw a football with your son. 

MuscleCare is an all-natural, topical pain relief made from plants. It was created by Dr. Chris Oswald, a chiropractor, and his team of scientists. 

Anyone with muscles or joints can greatly benefit from MuscleCare in the times they need it the most. Don’t let an injury keep you from making memories with your family.


Everyone can use a delicious snack after some time in the sun, especially to refuel their energy after running around or hiking up a hill! Because it’s a little more difficult to grab a bite at a restaurant, or that may not even be an option where you live at the moment, it’s always smart to be prepared.

Pack nutrient-dense snacks like protein bars, apples, bananas, or even nuts and seeds (trail mix if you have a sweet tooth!) It’s also wise to bring enough water for everyone to prevent dehydration, especially with salty snacks.

Toilet Paper/Wipes

If you’re out in a public park, the chances are that public restrooms are not open right now due to COVID-19 safety. If this is the case, restrooms in restaurants will definitely not be open to the public.

Bring some toilet paper or wipes in your backpack just in case someone can’t wait until you get home. You should also bring a little plastic bag to store the toilet paper if it’s not biodegradable. 

The global pandemic may be a huge damper on the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! It’s important to stay safe and be mindful to protect your family and other people around you.

Get some MuscleCare of your own here.

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