Why Stretching Will Help You Live Longer

Why Stretching Will Help You Live Longer

Do you ever wish that you could turn back your biological clock by ten years or so? Do you wake up with weird pains that you didn’t have when you were younger? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some magical pill that you could take and instantly feel 25 again?

Unfortunately, that technology does not exist, yet. However, what we DO have can help you feel younger, more active, and even more alive. It’s actually been around as a practice since the 18th century. What the heck are we talking about? Stretching!

Unlike the theoretical magical pill, the long-term benefits of stretching don’t happen overnight. Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t eat the fruit the day you plant the seed?” Well, that describes stretching perfectly. 

Fact: Those who stretch for 15 to 20 minutes a day have less pain, manage stress better, and see doctors less often.

Following a stretch routine every day will improve your flexibility, increase blood flow to your muscles, relieve stress, improve your athletic ability, increase your energy levels, improve your posture, and slowly help to heal any muscle or joint pain you may be experiencing.

"A lot of people don't understand that stretching has to happen on a regular basis. It should be daily," says David Nolan, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Chris’ brand new digital eBook version of “Stretching for Fitness, Health, and Performance.”

"’Science has shown us that sitting is the new smoking.’ It literally takes years off of your life. Sitting is now the number one cause of degenerative disc disease in the human spine, in particular, the lumbar spine. Even if one were to slouch just the slightest amount in a chair, they would increase the pressure on the lumbar discs by 190%. Ligaments, tendons, and muscles tighten so much that this pushes the life-giving or nutrient-laden fluid out with less of it returning at night when we lie down to rest. This causes a quicker onset of stiffness, pain, and aging.

Degeneration is just a fancy word for aging. Sitting causes accelerated aging. Common sense tells us that aging stands for stiffness, less mobility, and reduced ability to do what one likes. The skin is thinner and less flexible, the muscles are smaller and weaker. With an increase in the amount of time spent at a computer, the tech consumer must learn to actively manage their time in a still or sitting posture. It is imperative to maintain flexibility and movement through stretching. Reset the spine to neutral. Do not let the slouch win.”

You can find more information and professional advice on stretching in Dr. Chris’ eBook. It not only has multiple chapters filled with useful and engaging information, but it also contains over 35 stretch routines in the categories of daily stretch routines, common pain syndromes, sports, and occupations.

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