MuscleCare and
Brazyn Life Bundle Save $20

Two powerhouse brands have come together to bring you the fastest and most effective way to roll on relief and roll away your pain. 


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Nate Lawrie

Former NFL Football Player & Inventor/Founder of Brazyn Life

"Foam rollers are bulky and annoying to carry around. I wanted something that I could take with me; whether it was to an away-game, the gym, or when I was traveling around the globe with my wife in the offseason. The idea for The Morph was born and I set out to create the worlds best foam roller. It is my goal to make The Morph the most relied on self-maintenance tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and mobility seekers." 




When collapsed the Morph Foam Roller is smaller than two folded t-shirts. This functionality allows you to take it anywhere, unencumbered. The MuscleCare Roll On is 3 ounces in size, perfect for carrying on a plane or on the go.

Only $112.97

Dr. Christopher Oswald

Founder and CEO of MuscleCare

Dr. Oswald’s decision to create his own line of premium scientifically based ergonomic, health and wellness products was based on his dissatisfaction and frustration with existing products that fell short of their claims. His client base of 20,000 patients serve as an ongoing focus group for product ideas and testing based on real consumer needs.

"I have a knee that the cartilage was replaced in 25 years ago….it wasn’t the best idea because my knee is now deteriorating from the inside out….I was having great difficulty walking on it so I dug out my bottle of roll on muscle care and after 3 days I am able to walk with no pain….amazing….you have made me a believer!"

Georgette Scripter


"I recently had knee replacement surgery. I often use Dr. Chris Oswald's MuscleCare to relieve pain and stiffness. It is soothing and provides immediate relief. I strongly recommend it."


David from Ontario


"I first saw you and ordered from QVC and then my local Walgreens had your product. Then they stopped carrying it. I like that it’s all natural and now have been using it for several years. I have problem aging knees and my IT band, particularly my right leg that wakes me at night. I put MuscleCare on and it soothes it enough for me to go back to sleep until morning.Thank you for making a natural solution for pain."

Christine Kieffer