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We have collaborated with world-renowned doctors and researchers to bring you scientifically proven results in ergonomics that will help you to sit less, work smarter, and feel better Our mission is to have something for everyone, from home office idea’s to our business solutions division, B2B, and Corporate.

How do I choose the right chair for me?

We are all different sizes and therefore our chair should be ergonomic or adjustable to fit me

Insert how to fit yourself to a chair-images, and step-by-step


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How do I choose the right desk?

When buying a new desk, look for an adjustable manual or electric desk.

This allows you to go from a sitting position to a standing position in less then 30 seconds and it allows you to fit the height of the desk to your best personal position.


Arm rests are important in standing postures. The standing posture has done wonders for lower back pain and upper back strain, but the shoulders are still at work holding up your arms. Adding arm rests to your adjustable desk can help solve the pressure placed on your shoulders- (insert product photo or link)

If you already have a stationary desk, you can still make good use of it. Go to our “how to use a sit/stand riser” (the words can be a link to page C) and read about how you can turn your desk into a sit-stand desk all with only a riser.


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How do I use a sit/stand riser?

Just like the adjustable desk, a sit-stand riser can go from a seated position to a standing position with ease

A riser allows the user to align the top of their computer screen 2-3” above the eye line to assist with neck strain

Are you a laptop user? We recommend using a riser for your laptop screen and attaching a wireless mouse and keyboard for optimal ergonomic alignment


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See How Our Active Workplace Solutions Can Help You

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Dr. Chris Oswald

Dr. Chris Oswald The Official Ergonomic Officer of Office Depot has been in practice for 30 years, seen over 20 thousand patients and learned that the top 3 things for optimal health and wellness are sit/stand ergonomics, sleeping postures combined with daily stretching make the biggest difference in how we feel.