Share Your MuscleCare Successes With Us!

We’d love to hear on video what you think of MuscleCare.
We’ve made it super easy for you to record your video right on this page!

  • STEP 1

     Ensure that your lighting and windows are in front of you and not behind.

  • STEP 2

     Simply hit the record button below to get started.

  • STEP 3

     Answer the following questions in your video.


• Once you’re done recording, simply click the record button again to stop the recording. You can then review your video before submitting. Once you’ve reviewed the video, simply click the “save” button next to the recording button and that’s it!

• Please do your best to keep the recording under 90 seconds.


Question 1: 
Tell us a bit about yourself. Name, age, where you’re from. Don’t be shy 

Question 2: 
Briefly describe your struggle and what brought you to purchase MuscleCare

Question 3: 
How did MuscleCare help you overcome your struggle?

Question 4: 
What results have you been able to enjoy since you started using MuscleCare?