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"I have a knee that the cartilage was replaced in 25 years ago….it wasn’t the best idea because my knee is now deteriorating from the inside out….I was having great difficulty walking on it so I dug out my bottle of roll on muscle care and after 3 days I am able to walk with no pain….amazing….you have made me a believer!"

- Georgette Scripter


"I first saw you and ordered from QVC and then my local Walgreens had your product. Then they stopped carrying it. I like that it’s all natural and now have been using it for several years. I have problem aging knees and my IT band, particularly my right leg that wakes me at night. I put MuscleCare on and it soothes it enough for me to go back to sleep until morning.Thank you for making a natural solution for pain."

- Christine Kieffer

"Hi Chris,
Met you in the Dominican at the swim up bar....bald guy with the hip gave me a tube of Muscle Care to try and I wanted to let you know that I am pain free and walking again without crutches. I have been applying it every night and used the roll on during the day. I am using the ointment morning and night but have been doing well since I first used it. Saw results immediately! I have not taken a Percocet since.
Thank you for all your help and it was great meeting you.

- Don Gibson

"I recently had knee replacement surgery. I often use Dr. Chris Oswald's MuscleCare to relieve pain and stiffness. It is soothing and provides immediate relief. I strongly recommend it."

- David from Ontario


"I have recently been travelling in San Francisco following the America Cup regatta and a was in Walgreens where I picked up your product Muscle Care (the roll on). I am a long time tennis player and now a golfer and suffer from the old Tennis Elbow as we know it. The MuscleCare has been so effective, even on old nursing aches and pains in my back. Not only for myself has the MuscleCare been so effective, both my sons play rugby and it has been very successful for them as well, specifically on a nagging calf injury."

- Lindy Edwards

"This ointment is amazing.My husband has had daily neck, back & shoulder pain for a couple of years. He has been to therapy several times with not much success in managing the pain, has tried several different rubs & ointments but this MuscleCare for whatever reason really works. About ten minutes after applying it he is pain free. Definitely worth the money. Bottom line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend!"

- Cheryl from Nova Scotia