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I was looking at the computer screen when I noticed a woman remarking that she had severe back pains, had applied MuscleCare, and immediately, the pain disappeared. Now that caught my attention since I had had back pain for a year. Don't know why or how it happened, but it was quite severe, and nothing (including a dozen trips to the chiropractor) helped.

So, I saw an immediate possibility. I followed the screen pages, filled out the requested block data, and wondered when the grand total would arrive, and it did - a bit jarring at $48.95, I believe. If the product was anything like the advertisement, it would be worth it. So, I sent off the card number, turned off the machine, and realized that I knew nothing about the company, course, name, or where my $48.95 went.

So I waited, and surely, five days later, a package arrived, with a rollerball container full of MuscleCare. So, I tried it, and sure enough, right after I applied it, THE PAIN WENT AWAY. It's been doing that for a couple of weeks. You can't imagine how amazing it feels, the pain is gone for a few hours at least.

Thank you so very much... this product is too good to hide, and can do a lot of good. I still have an estimated 1/2 container left, and it hasn't changed its effectiveness, and I'm one happy customer! Many thanks again.


Certified Customer

  • “I have ordered several rollers of MuscleCare over the years and shared your amazing product with many family members and friends. I am very proud that you are Canadian, and I promote your product every chance I get.

    My husband, pictured below, has had both knees and both hips replaced, so you can imagine the pain he has endured. MuscleCare has provided much-needed relief for him these past few years. He actually asked me to apply MuscleCare to his lower back today after his swimming session. Our house cannot be without your great product!

    These rollers have made great Christmas gifts. Rollers that I have gifted to family and friends have traveled the world with them providing proactive and reactive care. Keep up the good work.”

    Brenda M.

    Cetified Customer

  • “I would like to express how grateful I am for MuscleCare Roll-on. I have a lovely lady who is 91-years-old and gets so much relief with your MuscleCare products. She uses it all over for aches and pains and honestly is able to get around still, thanks to your product.”

    Francine B.

    Cetified Customer

  • “I never leave home without MuscleCare and because of it, I never suffer from low-back pain during long drives.”

    Dale P.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I keep MuscleCare on my nightstand so that if a painful muscle cramp in my legs and/or feet wakes me up, I can use it immediately. In just a few seconds, the pain is gone and I can go right back to sleep. I have given the MuscleCare roll-on as gifts to my family and friends and everyone has gotten the same relief."

    Carol D.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I am a chiropractor and use MuscleCare on a daily basis. My patients love it because it feels great on the application and has lasting effects. It's perfect for stiff and sore muscles or arthritis flare-ups. The MuscleCare extra-strength roll-on is perfect for anyone on the go. Our teenage son keeps one in his hockey bag and one in his baseball bag for the occasional aches between games."

    Dr. Jacki White

    Cetified Customer

  • "I am very happy. I have been using Musclecare for many years, and I like it. I am standing for 10 hours every day. I keep it with me and I apply it when my knee hurts. Thanks very much, it’s a wonderful product. I tried everything - this is the best."

    Tina R.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I love MuscleCare!!!
    Instead of grabbing Aleve like I used to for neck muscle pain and stress, I use the roll-on below my ears. Within minutes the pain is subsiding and soon thereafter is gone!!!
    I wish I would have known about Musclecare when I worked in Silicon Valley as I had severe headaches with neck pain and took lots of Advil. Not good.

    But, am so glad am able to order directly from you!!! I have recommended this product to many people always explaining how much MuscleCare has helped with muscle pain. I even use it on mosquito bites and it relieves the itching!!! Thank you so much!!!!"

    Barbara H.

    Cetified Customer

  • "This will sound like too much to believe but it is factual and true...

    In February 2019, my right shoulder began to hurt so I started using MuscleCare on it. Two months later, my left shoulder began to hurt, and the pain in both shoulders at the same time was intense. I couldn’t function during the day without using MuscleCare and I couldn’t fall asleep at night without applying it, too. I slept with a bottle MuscleCare roll-on next to my pillow. My surgery date to replace BOTH shoulders came and went. My doctor is amazed at how my pain subsided and I can use my arms and shoulders with little to no difficulty. Both surgery dates were canceled. Bottom line: MuscleCare got me through the pain, plus prayers, time waiting for surgery dates, and using my shoulders is what I attribute the healing to. Thank you for a great product!"

    Carol F.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I have been using MuscleCare products for more than 4 years. I started using MuscleCare roll-on first and now I am using ointment, too. Actually, me and my wife are using it as needed. My wife has shoulder pain and I have leg muscle pain. For the last four years, you must get four of my friends as customers since I have them all try my Roll-on. Thanks for helping us.

    Gradimir J.

    Cetified Customer

  • "This product has really helped my husband’s ankle. He would have to use a crutch or cane to get out of the car on Mondays after being off his ankle all weekend and then going back to work on Monday. It is not a “cure-all” and he still limps some but this had really helped him so much. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."

    Wendy S.

    Cetified Customer

  • "My husband and I use MuscleCare roll-on every day. I suffer from migraines, neck, low back pain and my husband has knee pain. Just last night, I thought my neck pain would turn into a migraine, I got out of bed and applied the roll-on everywhere it hurt. I finally managed to sleep, thank God. My husband was a bit suspicious anything would help, he told me that this stuff really works on his knees. Thank you, Dr. Chris."

    Rachel and Paul G.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I found MuscleCare several years ago and have been using it with great results for me and my husband. He has a very bad neck from a football injury and it is the only thing that helps. I am 75 years old and have many aches and pains. I have a very bad back and knee and I have to stop in the middle of whatever I am doing and get the MuscleCare and in about 5 min. I can go back to what I was doing pretty much pain-free. Thanks, Dr. Chris - you saved this old lady and I am very thankful for your product. If anyone needs help give it a try and I think you will be surprised and pleased."

    Toni R.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I gave my sister a sample bottle of the roll-on. She lost it and has been driving me crazy to give her a new one! She says that it gives her greater pain relief than anything she has ever tried. I just dropped it off for her and she could not stop telling me how amazing Musclecare is and that it truly works! I love to hear it. I’m a strong believer."

    Susan B.

    Cetified Customer

  • "What a wonderful product, my wife is able to walk with no pain in her hip and ankle, she finds that this roll-on is the only thing that keeps her going also my daughter has MS and she applies it to the bottoms of her feet and she can walk around and drive her car, she says, “What a Blessing. I’m able to get out of the house and do the things I used to do, thank you very very much”. I use MuscleCare on my back and my Carpal Tunnel pain. I would like to say to everyone with any kind of pain, who has tried everything, try MuscleCare."

    James K.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I have been using MuscleCare for years and it has been so helpful in reducing my arthritic pain, especially at night. Recently I've developed Neuropathy in my legs and feet and rubbing on the cream is miraculous. I'm looking forward to trying the roll-on on my thigh muscles and feet."

    Dr. Alan Cox

    Cetified Customer

  • "My parents, Jim & Joann, use it. My dad was one of your many first customers and still is. He gave me a bottle to try quite some time ago and it's amazing. A little background on me... I have MS (multiple sclerosis). My feet always feel as if I'm walking on bruises. Your roll-on has been a Godsend!!! I put it on before bed, put on cotton socks, and ahhh relief!!! I can finally sleep. It takes the pain away!!!! I also have had many knee surgeries and a double back infusion. I put it on those areas and again I can sleep. All I can say is thank you!!!"

    Holly S.

    Cetified Customer

  • "My massage therapy practice has evolved since incorporating MuscleCare. I love that MuscleCare can be used on a broad population of clients and is non pharmaceutical. The fact that MuscleCare promotes healthy joints and relaxes locally is a win/win because my hands are saved from fatigue and my clients’ pain and inflammation is relieved with minimal effort by me, so I can focus in on the issue and ensure the longevity of my practice. My clients love this product as much as I do."

    Brooke F.

    Cetified Customer