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Pain, Spasm, and Inflammation Relief

MuscleCare also relieves whiplash, plantar fasciitis, pregnancy pain, and all other muscle/joint pain, strain, spasm, and inflammation.


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  • I had pain from my hip down into my Achilles tendon. My hip was achy and my calf and Achilles were really tight. Within a day of using MuscleCare, it had noticeably improved, especially my calf and Achilles tendon. I had stretched, put heat and ice on the areas, massaged, and used other topical pain relievers, it wasn’t until I started using MuscleCare that I had noticeable relief.

    Rideau L.

    Certified Customer

  • "I have been using MuscleCare products for more than 4 years. I started using MuscleCare roll-on first and now I am using ointment, too. Actually, me and my wife are using it as needed. My wife has shoulder pain and I have leg muscle pain. For the last four years, you must get four of my friends as customers since I have them all try my Roll-on. Thanks for helping us."

    Tim V.

    Certified Customer

  • I never leave home without MuscleCare and because of it, I never suffer from low-back pain during long drives.

    Dale Propper

    Certified Customer

  • I would like to express how grateful I am for MuscleCare Roll-on. I have a lovely lady who is 91-years-old and gets so much relief with your MuscleCare products. She uses it all over for aches and pains and honestly is able to get around still, thanks to your product.

    Francine Baumeister

    Certified Customer

  • My husband and I have both been using MuscleCare for the last few weeks. It has really helped with his lower back pain and is helping with some tendinitis in my shoulder that I’ve been dealing with for quite some time. We’re excited to continue using MuscleCare and look forward to even more results!

    Candy G.

    Certified Customer

  • "My massage therapy practice has evolved since incorporating MuscleCare. I love that MuscleCare can be used on a broad population of clients and is non pharmaceutical. The fact that MuscleCare promotes healthy joints and relaxes locally is a win/win because my hands are saved from fatigue and my clients’ pain and inflammation is relieved with minimal effort by me, so I can focus in on the issue and ensure the longevity of my practice. My clients love this product as much as I do."

    Brooke F.

    Certified Customer

No drugs, parabens, dyes.

What makes MuscleCare different?

  • All-natural muscle & joint pain relief for people of all ages

  • Immediate inflammation relief without a prescription

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief for 6+ hours

  • #1 Clinically-recommended for relief

  • Developed by pain specialist, Dr. Chris Oswald

  • Provides extra-strength pain relief as well as inflammation and muscle spasm relief!

  • Without drugs, parabens, or dyes, MuscleCare is proven to still perform as well as or better than leading national NSAID drug creams

  • Proven safe to use during pregnancy