Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)
Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)
Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)
Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)
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Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)

Maximum-Strength Ointment (16 oz)

Deeper, stronger pain relief that is best for stubborn, chronic pain.

The same formula you know and love, just BIGGER.

  • 15 ingredients
  • Takes a little longer to act than the Roll-on (5-15 minutes) but has the ability based on its proprietary formula to absorb deeper, muscle, and joint relief is possible
  • This formula is designed for chronic pain like arthritis, post-whiplash, concussions, etc.

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  • "Very effective topical pain relief.

    I have tennis elbow and shoulder pain due to a sports injury. I can't take any oral anti-inflammatory relief like Advil since they cause stomach bleeding, so I have to switch to topical relief instead. I have tried many different topical reliefs: 6 or 7 popular ones you can get off the shelf. MuscleCare is the only one that provides the best and longest-lasting relief."

    Susan L.

    Cetified Customer

  • "I used MuscleCare, and my hands felt super relaxed and I didn’t feel like it stuck to me the rest of my shift. I performed it on my first client of the day, and by the time my break came around, I didn’t feel anything besides the relaxation in my hands and arms!"

    Abby W. (Massage Therapist)

    Cetified Customer

  • "The pain-relieving ointment immediately removes the pain. I recommend using the massage cream and the pain-relieving ointment together to keep the pain response from activating too much, then apply the cold gel as a final step."

    Kayleigh B. (Massage Therapist)

    Cetified Customer

  • "My job as a dancer and instructor requires me to be very physically active and on my feet all day.  When I developed shin splints, everything about my job became more difficult! 

    I tried everything to alleviate the pain: ice, painkillers, and even popular balms that promised pain relief, but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.  Thankfully, a friend recommended MuscleCare just in time for a heavy performance season! 

    I immediately felt relief from the pain in my legs and was able to dance to the fullest of my abilities.  Not only did MuscleCare provide relief from pain but it also helped my shins to heal by releasing the tension that was causing the condition in the first place.  Thank you so much MuscleCare!"

    Diana E. (Instructor, Dancer, Choreographer)

    Cetified Customer

  • "My massage therapy practice has evolved since incorporating MuscleCare. I love that MuscleCare can be used on a broad population of clients and is nonpharmaceutical. The fact that MuscleCare promotes healthy joints and relaxes locally is a win/win because my hands are saved from fatigue and my clients’ pain and inflammation are relieved with minimal effort by me, so I can focus on the issue and ensure the longevity of my practice. My clients love this product as much as I do."

    Brooke F.

    Cetified Customer