Maximum-Strength Ointment (32 oz)
Maximum-Strength Ointment (32 oz)
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Maximum-Strength Ointment (32 oz)

Maximum-Strength Ointment (32 oz)

Deeper, stronger pain relief that is best for stubborn, chronic pain.

The same formula you know and love, just BIGGER.

  • 15 ingredients
  • Takes a little longer to act than the Roll-on (5-15 minutes) but has the ability based on its proprietary formula to absorb deeper, muscle, and joint relief is possible
  • This formula is designed for chronic pain like arthritis, post-whiplash, concussions, etc.

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  • "I used MuscleCare, and my hands felt super relaxed and I didn’t feel like it stuck to me the rest of my shift. I performed it on my first client of the day, and by the time my break came around, I didn’t feel anything besides the relaxation in my hands and arms!"

    Abby W. (Massage Therapist)

    Cetified Customer

  • "Very effective topical pain relief.

    I have tennis elbow and shoulder pain due to a sports injury. I can't take any oral anti-inflammatory relief like Advil since they cause stomach bleeding, so I have to switch to topical relief instead. I have tried many different topical reliefs: 6 or 7 popular ones you can get off the shelf. MuscleCare is the only one that provides the best and longest-lasting relief."

    Susan L.

    Cetified Customer

  • "The pain-relieving ointment immediately removes the pain. I recommend using the massage cream and the pain-relieving ointment together to keep the pain response from activating too much, then apply the cold gel as a final step."

    Kayleigh B. (Massage Therapist)

    Cetified Customer